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French Arles Merino Wool

A traditional Sweater made using rare 100% French wools

An exceptional French Wool :
the Arles Merino Wool

The Arles Merino is a French race which has been bred in south-east France since the 19th century. Kemp is a coarse fiber which appears on some sheep races and is usually mixed with wool, making the wool irritating for the skin. By crossbreeding local sheeps and Spanish merino rams, we got a very thin wool with no kemp at all. It's even the French sheep race which provides the thinnest wool.

A genuine French savoir faire.

Photo : Filature Fonty

An amazing yarn

The yarn we chose for this sweater is made from wool, which has a natural heather quality and is undyed.

The wool quality and the quality of the way it is processed, allow the natural beauty of this fiber to be exposed.

A traditional Sweater

This Sweater is knitted using a knotted half-cardigan stitch using gauge 5 for men & jersey stitch using gauge 7 for women. It provides the knit with a beautiful texture and feel while highlighting the beauty of the wool.

A button shoulder, which is traditional from our region, allows you to put on the sweater more quickly. The metallic sailor buttons are also made in France by a historic company.

Local economy & sustainability

This Sweater encourages local economy and sustainable production.

It encourages local and sustainable economy as the fiber and yarn comes from a local network made of local products and manufacturers, thus bringing forward the French textile industry and small companies.

It is eco-friendly : garment manufacturing is a polluting industry, but in this case this impact is brought to a minimum by using natural fibers, undyed, processed by actors who release clean water, and with a local production which lowers transport-related carbon emissions.

Transmitting craftsmanship, preserving and transmitting specific gestures and industrial know-hows which are part of a local heritage is a subject which is very dear to us. It was therefore a no-brainer for us to help preserve this French wool savoir faire and industry.

100% French

The yarn, buttons, manufacturing: it was important for us to make this sweater entirely in France. And it is! The manufacturing part is made by a French workshop using the same techniques as before and providing an uncompromising quality.


Founded in 1913.