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The Birth of a Mont St Michel Sweater

At our design studio

Our sweaters are designed in the historic design studio from the brand, in Brittany, a few miles away from the Mont St Michel.

We are deeply in love with this part of France which inspires us.

Living there is sometimes hard, winters are long and wet, but this spleen is what we draw inspiration from. In Spring, walking in the gardens and picking up grapes in the greenhouse make us happy.

Transmitting this French lifestyle and this culture is what drives us.

Le Pull de Mme Filleul

Le Pull de Mme Filleul

With our archives

Our designs draw inspiration from 100 years of family archives which we carefully stored at the studio.

It's a unique know-how and what is left of the huge styling creativity when it comes to knitwear from the past decades.

Every day, we choose rebracks from our archives and bring them back to life.

With a sample knitted by Ms Filleul

Miss Filleul is an expert of hand knitting.
She worked for over 30 years for the family knitting mill "Les Tricotages de l'Aa".
She soon became the manager of the hand-knitting sampling department.
Her expertise and skills still remain unmatched. Her kindness also.

She still trains our stylists and product managers as this is her passion, but also because she wants our very rare craftsmanship to be passed on to next generation rather than being lost.

Le Pull de Mme Filleul

Le Pull de Mme Filleul

From drawing to sweater

In September 2018, she developed this rebrack made of tightly-knitted full-cardigan knit following Alexandre Milan's instructions concerning the yarn, the stitch, the gauge, the tension, and the width of the stripes. It was done on a rare Dubied hand-knitted machine from the 60s.

One of our best workshops which fell in love with our desire to preserve and transmit our craftsmanship agreed to manufacture a small series of this sweater with us in limited edition.

Watch the video

Discover the Sweater

The birth of a Sweater

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