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Since 1913, we strive to create functional garments which look good and are long-lasting.

We refuse to throw away garments just because they are not from this season and we do not wish to abide by the never-ending fast fashion cycles.

Creating takes time, know-how and inspiration. The garments you will find here have all been created to be hard-wearing and get better with time.

Iconic garments, brand new or vintage, from deadstocks or with a beautiful patina. An orderly mess with both workwear and delicate knitwear. These garments which - by being stored in a location with an industrial past - live alongside utilitarian raw objects shaped by the hands which used them. A selection of garments & items which will now see the light of day. The result of times when we reinvent things by looking into the past and of our lifestyle.

We wish you'll find a great spot for them in your wardrobe.

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Founded in 1913.