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Work Jacket Work Jacket

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Since 1913

Since Le Mont St Michel was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, our workwear has always been worn by many people. From workers to fashion addicts, these garments represent authenticity and craftsmanship. As different as these people can be, what unites them is that they all seem to work on something: since 1913 they create the world around them.




Work JacketWork Jacket

100% cotton Moleskin Fabric

Made by the same textile mill in France for more than 100 years. The weave of the fabric is not very different from satin but it's a very strong fabric which is so tightly woven that it becomes water-repellent. Moleskin definitely is to French workwear what denim is to American workwear.

Griffe numérotée

Hand-numbered label

With a blank space to write the name of the jacket's owner.

Griffe historique

The historic label

Sewn inside our jackets, and displayed on our adverts since the 30s, it's the Le Mont St Michel jacket's proof of authenticy: «Beware of imitations!»

Boutons en corozo

Buttons in natural corozo

Corozo comes from the core of a tree seed produced by specific palm trees. It is also called «vegetable ivory».



Community Communauty


Nowadays, the Mont St Michel Work Jacket is worn in the nicest and most inspiring places all over the world.

A small legion of spokesmen are turning our iconic jacket into a true fashion and lifestyle hit for both men and women! Join in!

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