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« A garment for its story. »

Le Mont St Michel is a young brand with a long history. Specialized in everlasting Workwear since 1913, the brand is taken over in 1998 by Alexandre Milan which turns it into a urban & modern fashion label, still in line with the functional soul coming from its workwear legacy.

Alexandre Milan added to this legacy his own family craftsmanship - which is almost as old : the legacy of Les Tricotages de L'Aa ("Aa Knitting Factory"), factory founded by his great grandmother in 1919. The brand's design studio is still located in the very same beautiful location of the Monthorin Castle in French Brittany, where the factory used to be and where we meticulously store decades of textile archives: a genuine treasure when it comes to inspiration which and which we revisit for each collection.

Vêtements de travail


Breton-Striped T-Shirts

Knitted in France (Bretagne) with a traditional French raw cotton

Breton-Striped T-Shirts

It's a true emblem of an eminent French region: Bretagne and of French wardrobe in general. The sailor striped appeared in the 17th century. An official report from the Navy added the striped knit on the list describing the uniform of the French sailor. On this report you could even find a precise description of the number of stripes and the width between them (21 white stripes with a width of 20mm and 20 or 21 blue stripes with a width of 10mm).

Stripes are told to offer a safety advantage: a sailor was easier to spot that way when fallen to the sea. In reality, it was probably a way to use less indigo dye which was very expensive at the time.


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