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« A garment for its story. »

Le Mont St Michel is a young brand with a long history. Specialized in everlasting Workwear since 1913, the brand is taken over in 1998 by Alexandre Milan which turns it into a urban & modern fashion label, still in line with the functional soul coming from its workwear legacy.

Alexandre Milan added to this legacy his own family craftsmanship - which is almost as old : the legacy of Les Tricotages de L'Aa ("Aa Knitting Factory"), factory founded by his great grandmother in 1919. The brand's design studio is still located in the very same beautiful location of the Monthorin Castle in French Brittany, where we meticulously store decades of textile archives: a genuine treasure when it comes to inspiration which and which we revisit for each collection.

Work Jacket since 1913

Since Le Mont St Michel was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, our workwear has always been worn by many people. From workers to fashion addicts, these garments represent authenticity and craftsmanship.

As different as these people can be, what unites them is that they all seem to work on something: since 1913 they create the world around them.


Iconic garments, brand new or vintage, from deadstocks or with a beautiful patina. An orderly mess with both workwear and delicate knitwear. These garments which - by being stored in a location with an industrial past - live alongside utilitarian raw objects shaped by the hands which used them. A selection of garments & items which will now see the light of day. The result of times when we reinvent things by looking into the past and of our lifestyle.

We wish you'll find a great spot for them in your wardrobe.

The Birth of a Sweater

Our sweaters are designed in the historic design studio from the brand, in Brittany, a few miles away from the Mont St Michel. We are deeply in love with this part of France which inspires us.

Miss Filleul is an expert of hand knitting. She worked for over 30 years for the family knitting mill "Les Tricotages de l'Aa". She still trains our stylists and product managers as this is her passion, but also because she wants our very rare craftsmanship to be passed on to next generation rather than being lost. The sample will then be sent to our partner workshops to knit our sweaters in small series.

Work Jacket

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