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  • Recipe: Millet semolina with milk and candied wild strawberries
    Recipe: Millet semolina with milk and candied wild strawberries

    The millet semolina has long been unpopular and the focus was on more profitable and considered to be modern cereals. It is now making its comeback in France and our tastebuds couldn’t be happier! It’s eco-friendly because it needs very few water. This grass’ very small seeds have a very special taste that you can only love. With full-cream milk from the farm nearby and some cane sugar, you’ll get a very delicate dessert which will bring you back to your childhood. At the Mont St Michel we...

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  • Rustic Yellow Zucchini Pie
    Rustic Yellow Zucchini Pie

    In this autumnal weather, we desperately need some sunshine on our plates to feel a little more vacation! This rustic pie with yellow zucchini, onion, mustard and parmesan is as good cold as it is fresh out of the oven. The principle of the rustic pie? Forget the pie pan, simply arm yourself with a rolling pin (but a glass bottle will also do), parchment paper and a baking sheet. You place the filling in the center of the pastry and fold the edges. In no time at all, you'll be enjoying a...

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  • Jus pommes, oranges, kiwi, citron & gingembre
  • Winter Buddha bowl
    Winter Buddha bowl

    For those who love salads in all seasons, this sweet and sour and colorful buddha bowl should please you! Buckwheat, lightly spiced roasted pumpkin, raw vegetables, orange supremes and honey vinaigrette: everything you need to fill up on energy and vitamins, brighten up your end-of-winter meals... and bring in spring!  Ingredients for 4 people - 200g of buckwheat - 1 pumpkin of about 800g - 2 or 3 carrots - 1 red onion - 4 large handfuls of salad - 1 or 2 oranges - 1 pinch of Espelette pepper...

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  • Grilled cheese pear, caramelized onions and camembert
    Grilled cheese pear, caramelized onions and camembert

    Two nice slices of bread with honey caramelized onions, delicious camembert cheese and a few slices of the last pears of the winter. The whole thing is grilled in butter in the pan and eaten hot with a good crunchy salad: that's the menu for this new recipe we're proposing today. As simple as it is comforting, grilled cheese has everything to please and warm up the still slightly chilly days of this early spring! Ingredients for 4 people- 8 large slices of semi-complete bread- 1 pear- 2/3 of...

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  • Rhubarb mini-pavlovas
    Rhubarb mini-pavlovas

    A recipe with a much debated history (who in Australia or New Zealand invented it in homage to the Russian ballerina Anna Matveïevna Pavlova...?), the airy pavlova is one of those desserts that are perfect for ending a meal on a light and fruity note. Composed of a crunchy and melting meringue, a generous layer of whipped cream and raw and/or cooked fruits, the pavlova never ceases to surprise us by matching the different fruits that mark the seasons. This time, to celebrate spring, rhubarb...

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  • Rillettes of mackerel with lemon confit
    Rillettes of mackerel with lemon confit

    Always welcome as an aperitif or on the picnic tablecloth, rillettes are a nice way to cook our favorite fish, fresh! At Mont St Michel, we are particularly fond of homemade mackerel rillettes, especially in summer when this small fatty fish is abundant on our coasts. For this recipe, we suggest you add a touch of acidity to the rillettes, by marrying them with candied lemon; nothing like it to awaken the taste buds and whet the appetite! Ingredients 2 whole mackerel (or 4 fillets prepared...

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  • Raw marinated fennel, peach & burrata salad
    Raw marinated fennel, peach & burrata salad

    A vegetable with an atypical taste, more shunned than adored, fennel can nevertheless surprise us with the variety of recipes it can be used in. Cooked, raw, roasted, braised, dried, used in broth: the possibilities are endless! In summer, at Le Mont St Michel, we like to cook it raw, very thinly sliced and marinated for a long time, before joining a sweet and fresh salad, with yellow peach bursting with sunshine and a beautiful burrata for the greediness. On your mandolins!  Ingredients for...

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